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About Us

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MC Rubber is a company operating in the shoe sole solutions industry.
Our product range '; There are Rubber Sole, Thermo Sole, Rubber Heel. For many years with a daily production length of 6000 pieces. We work and export with large companies in Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. Together with the leading companies of the shoe industry in Turkey, we are working to direct the shoe fashion sector by producing new trends in the world mode, following the fashion, in our country in a short time.


We aim to follow and adapt to the changes in the world outside us, to be open to different understandings by getting rid of our habits that need to change, and to exist in the future by trying to see beyond the existing systems and changing our environment with ourselves. We work with people who do their job consciously, question their environment, find solutions, show superior performance and take initiative in line with their goals, and share our success with them.
We adopt teamwork and see different ideas as an added value towards achieving the best. We try to generalize and develop this understanding within the framework of the Process Oriented Approach and in line with the Company objectives. By strengthening the sense of success as a team, we share our experiences and generalize successful practices.


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